Marketing automation has been a recent up and coming practice in the world of digital marketing. Many businesses have begun to implement their own marketing automation practices within the last few years, and with great success! According to a 2016 marketing automation trends survey by Ascend2, “Businesses that have automated significant portions of their marketing processes generate 34% more of their revenue from marketing-generate leads than average, 153% more than those not intending to automate.” The proof is in the pudding, automation is cost effective, efficient and easy. Let’s take a look at 6 ways you could be using marketing automation to help grow your business!

1. Schedule a Welcome Campaign for New Subscribers
Gaining new subscribers is a big deal, and you should treat them like it! With marketing automation, it’s easy to schedule multiple follow up emails before even sending an initial welcome message. Now, instead of sending a one-off, generic welcome email to every new subscriber, you’re able to warmly greet each individual differently based on their actions taken. This allows you to create a cohesive message while segmenting specific information to specific customers.

2. Follow Up with Engaged Customers (& give your unengaged customers some space)
Every email list has two distinct subscribers, those who consistently engage with you, and those who don’t. Those engaged are the backbone of your marketing efforts, and should be at least somewhat frequently followed up with. Marketing automation allows you to target those who engaged and actively keep in touch with them in a personalized manner.

Most unengaged customers end up unsubscribing from a list due to email frequency or targeting of items they have no interest in. Instead, use marketing automation to keep unengaged subscribers in the loop at an appropriate pace; set longer wait times, focus on direct control actions rather than group controls, and there is no need to constantly hound unengaged subscribers in some sort of effort to win them over. We all know that guy who makes you take out your headphones in the morning, only for him to tell you about the new water heater he just had installed at his house. Don’t be that guy.

3. Convert “On-the-Fence” Leads Into New Customers
Don’t let subscribers get caught in “email list limbo.” You know, the place leads end up when you’re unsure whether they are interested or not? Marketing automation is a great solution to this problem. Once you decide which leads to target and which to suppress, you can easily set up multiple messages for each type of subscriber. Have a list of hyper-engaged subscribers who can’t get enough of your content? Set frequent follow up emails with pertinent messages and short wait times. Have a list of subscribers who like to be left alone? Set occasional emails with less aggressive messages and longer wait times. The best part is, you can manage both of these lists in one automation!

4. Eliminate Time Wasted on Repetitious Tasks
This is arguably the best advantage marketing automation has to offer. Now, instead of creating multiple email campaigns, campaign items, and campaign blasts, you only need to create ONE (yes, one!) automation canvas. The single automation effectively cuts the time it takes to create a thorough campaign in half. Before marketing automation, email marketers had to create multiple, separate campaign blasts in order to achieve a cohesive campaign; this meant creating multiple send times, personalization messages and reports after the fact, all while praying to the internet gods that you didn’t schedule two blasts at once. With marketing automation, set up all of your campaign messages under one roof and conveniently monitor each step along the way, taking the confusion out of your campaign logistics.

5. Efficiently Test A/B Campaigns
A/B email campaigns allow email marketers to send the same email message using a different subject line to two different groups of subscribers, the goal is to figure out which subject line prompts more action from subscribers. A/B testing is a great way to see how your subscribers respond to specific wording, but can be tedious to execute as it requires two separate campaigns. Marketing Automation takes the hassle out of executing and reporting A/B campaigns by combining both email blasts within one automation. The process is simple: create both email messages in your email marketing tool, decide which groups to send them to, and then add them to your automation canvas. It’s that easy! Once the automation has finished, you can easily download and compare reporting statistics for each group.

6. Improve Your Reporting Accuracy
Sick of downloading reports from a multitude of different campaigns? Us too. Never get lost in a mess of excel spreadsheets and CSV downloads again, Marketing Automation tracks and reports statistics for all aspects of your automation from start to finish. You can even view a detailed heat map for each campaign item and download a list of subscribers who took action.

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of Marketing Automation for business, what are you waiting for?