Who We Are

Knowledge Marketing helps organizations monetize their vast amount of audience and customer data through an integrated online platform. KM’s Data Management Platform (DMP) marries the world of online and offline data into a single unified database that drives content, advertising, audience development and event marketing strategies. We incorporate tools for email marketing, online data collection and back office circulation management into a single integrated solution. Through technology and a supportive team of experts, we understand how to help you harness the power of Big Data to drive new revenue ideas and operational improvements.


We Listen

We begin all our projects with a conversation and you won’t be directed to a distant offshore call center where your support is read from a script. You will be assigned a real person you can call by name. Many companies offer fancy features, but do not provide you with the support you truly deserve. Understanding your individual needs helps us meet our goal of exceeding yours. It’s all about building partnerships with our customers, as if we were a member of your internal team.


We Think

We understand that each company and project is unique, so no decisions should be made without first fully analyzing and planning before moving forward. The foundation and heart of our business is built around flexibility, innovation, adaptability and scalability. The industry and your brand are ever-evolving and we are here to be open and honest; to push you beyond your comfort level, embrace change and create dynamic solutions for your business and your clients.


We Share

Twice a year our Client Advisory Board (CAB) comes together, we also host an annual users’ conference. These events are a great opportunity for discussions that guide our growth and strategies by improving upon ourselves. It also gives us an opportunity to present our clients with the latest tools, strategies, and best practices. We’re always speaking at an industry event, exhibiting at a trade show or attending a conference, you never know when Team KM will show up at an event near you.


We Create

At Knowledge Marketing we are committed to educating our clients based on their specific needs through customized training as well as offering them access to our kmLearning Center – a suite of practical resources including reference guides and tutorials. We also pride ourselves on being a thought leader in the industry by educating and empowering audience based marketers with an arsenal of resources. From infographics, blogs, and executive briefs to our monthly hot topic webinar we’ve got our finger on the pulse of the industry.