Creativity meets Connectivity: Artificial Intelligence & the Future of Advertising


Ever since the start of the industrial revolution, humans have been consistently and increasingly losing employment to the very machines they’ve created. In fact according to global management consultant McKinsey & Company, an estimated 45% of today’s work activities could be automated by existing technology. Enter automation and artificial intelligence. Previously unconsidered in the last few years, artificial intelligence has finally established legitimate uses within the workplace, pioneered by products such as […]

The Best Ways to Screw Up Personalization


As consumers, we all want personal communications. Messages from companies that give enough of a crap about us to deliver what we want, and to avoid sending us endless appeals about stuff we aren’t interested in.

As a marketer—and a consumer—I pay particular attention to those who do it right, and make me feel special. And for those who do it wrong… I might never forget (or forgive). Sometimes when a poor example […]

kmConnect 2017: The Power of Minds and Data Combined


kmConnect 2017 was a great success! Another year of collaborative thinking, discussing, and networking with our amazing clients in the books. We truly love hosting this event and seeing everyone face-to-face and this year was no different!

Attendee’s traveled from across the country to attend kmConnect 2017. They learned how further use of their company’s data is the most powerful growth tool they possess. They came to see the future […]

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Email Design Trends to make your Emails more Engaging


On average, a person receives 121 emails per day…per inbox. And most people have at least one personal inbox AND a work inbox. If you’re anything like me…you hit delete on the majority of these without reading them and call it a day. Can you guess the top reason why people unsubscribe from emails in the first place? In general, people are receiving too many emails to keep up with.

So, the […]