11 Things to Say to Make Your Creative Cringe


Giving feedback on design can be hard, especially if you don’t have a design background. You have a specific idea of what something should look like, but you can’t quite put it into words.

We don’t expect you to be an expert in design processes and terminology, but we do hope for value in the feedback that we are given. Here is a list of not-so-helpful funny feedback notes we’ve received through […]

Tips for Making the Best First Impression


Let’s face it, the subject line is the first opportunity to grab your reader’s attention. A subject line that entices the reader to pay attention may cut through the inbox clutter and help get your message opened, read, and acted upon. You must be creative and tell the story of what’s to come in just a few short words. Seems easy enough, but for many of us, it is a constant challenge. […]

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Buzzworthy Content: Here’s What Hot at Knowledge Marketing


Can you believe 2017 is half over!? It’s a little mind-blowing for us to think that we’re already halfway to 2018. Looking back at what we’ve created so far has us feeling all nostalgic – a feeling we needed to share. Check out our top content downloads of 2017 and let us know in our content survey what you’d like to see from us in the future. We hope you enjoy our […]

What’s More Important Than Going Viral

Going Viral

Think of the most ridiculous question you could ask a digital marketer, social media manager, content creator…or basically anyone with access to the social media platforms at your company. Know what it is?

“Can you make this go viral?”

(Cue eye roll from your entire marketing team.)

This question doesn’t come from a nasty place, but it’s hard not to react in a flabbergasted way. It comes from a lack of understanding of the […]