Master Data Storytelling in 5 Simple Steps


Once upon a time in land far, far away called Dataland lived a happy group of people called data scientists. From sunrise to sunset they spend their time deep within the data mines. They are a curious bunch and are incredibly talented at solving complex problems fueled by the data they find. Solving data-driven problems is their passion and finding data gems is their greatest reward.

One day the King of Dataland […]

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Real Time Versus The RIGHT Time


There was a LinkedIn post recently that stated, “What to do with all this data?” For a moment, it seemed like an antiquated post, the thought that a company was not utilizing their data. It was probably a more up-to-date-thinking post that we realize. Many of us collect data, but honestly, how many of us actually use the data to its full potential?

We collect data in real time… and when that capability […]

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Are You Getting the Most out of Your Social Media Accounts?


We all like to think that we use our own social media accounts in the most efficient way possible. But do people and businesses really know how to get the most out of their social media accounts? There are so many different ways in which we’re able to interact online, it’s hard to say. Many people don’t believe in the staying power of social media for business, but we’ve got to break […]

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Are YOU Ready for the Digital Future?


Sometimes I look at my smart phone, and I am amazed. There are tremendous capabilities, on this somewhat small device, which I rarely take advantage of. I talk, use email and text, take pictures, search the internet, and on occasion get a chance to read a book or play a game—but even that is rare. When I look down at the device, there is app after app after app that simply does […]