The personalization functionality that is both inherent within Drupal and required from today’s marketers depends greatly on the presence of a rich, reader profile. Knowledge Marketing (KM), a leader in developing and managing comprehensive audience databases, has made available standard plugins to enhance the power of the Drupal platform. The KM email marketing platform and unified audience database modules will help the Drupal users achieve:

The Knowledge Marketing taxonomy tracking plugin will significantly reduce the programming efforts and application protocol typically required to capture reader interests and leverage them for content personalization and web offers. The KM plugin builds on the Drupal vocabulary and content taxonomy to easily capture and leverage the content footprints left by your online audience.
Knowledge Marketing’s data management platform leverages the taxonomy structure of Drupal to provide a highly personalized web content user experience based on topical interests. It also helps you leverage massive amounts of Big Data available in an online and offline world to help create and capitalize on a complete user profile.
The KM Subscriber Overlay module is a simple plugin that will help convert anonymous visitors into registered users. This technique will elevate the richness of your data to facilitate greater audience insight and higher advertising revenues.
The standard plugins between Drupal and the Knowledge Marketing email marketing platform greatly reduce the number of steps in creating, delivering and measuring your email and newsletter efforts. This cuts down on production time, improves engagement and allows for a tighter link between email analytics and content development.
By leveraging the sophisticated data segmentation and list creation capabilities of the Knowledge Marketing unified database module, Drupal users will ensure the right content is presented to the right user in the right manner at the right time to drive maximum engagement.
For those Drupal users that have a diverse set of products and services, the Group Subscription Management tool will help assign the right people to the right content on a broader scale. It is critical to audience engagement to expose your readers and visitors to relevant content, products and services that will in turn create loyalty and trust amongst your audience.