On average, a person receives 121 emails per day…per inbox. And most people have at least one personal inbox AND a work inbox. If you’re anything like me…you hit delete on the majority of these without reading them and call it a day. Can you guess the top reason why people unsubscribe from emails in the first place? In general, people are receiving too many emails to keep up with.

So, the million dollar question is: How do you make sure that your emails are the ones being read, not deleted or unsubscribed from? We have picked out three of our favorite email marketing trends that will make your engaging email even better. Give them a try because as you know, the only real way to know what works for you is to test, test, and test some more!

1. Increased Implementation of Interactive Elements
An interactive element within an email encourages your user to take an action.  This recent trend has been shown to increase your click through rate as well as leading to greater subscriber engagement. This addition can be in the form of a quiz, reviews, offers and coupons, search bars, or a navigation menu. Ultimately, to be successful with this implementation, you want to take want would be on a landing page and include it all in the email. Try to make it easier for your subscribers to engage.  By adding interactive elements to your email messages, you will improve your subscriber’s overall experience.

2. Using Big Data to Create a Personalized Email
What if you could deliver an email that included the right information, for the right person, at the right time? You can with Big Data! Big Data is EVERYTHING. Use those data points you have that make up a complete customer profile and turn them into something useful. Email marketing allows you to effortlessly reach many subscribers. Why not take it a step further and make those messages personalized? By using a subscriber’s location, name, purchase history, and previous user engagement you can personalize each message you send. The challenge is pooling all the data together (which is not an easy task). Personalization can be vital to subscriber’s engagement, and this can be done in simple but sophisticated ways.

3. Automated Emails
Make your life easier and consider joining the automated emails trend. This important trend can trigger an automatic email response based on a subscriber’s action. For example, if someone subscribes they will automatically receive a welcome email. This trend allows you to send out scheduled, segmented, and personalized emails. You are able to increase touchpoints, increase engagement, build relationships, and increase efficiency. No longer is it possible to send out just one email and expect successful results. By sending automated emails on a regular basis, you will see results.

Bottom Line
Take advantage of your resources to design your emails in ways that will increase subscriber’s engagement. Experiment with these trends and check out other trends of 2017 ( & Strive to be the email that gets read, not the email that gets overlooked.