Email Marketing is one of the OG of digital communication. It’s simply the act of sending electronic content to your customers and prospects via email. It can be time consuming – going into the platform each time you want to deploy an email and identifying how to segment the audience, applying smart filters, and how to slice and dice your groups. Often, it’s a ton of manual work to make sure you are deploying the right content, to the right people, at the right time.

Marketing Automation refers to the software that exists which allows you to establish triggered responses, streamline and schedule emails based on customer’s real-time behaviors (action vs. no action) or additions into a particular marketing group. It helps marketing departments automate repetitive tasks (such as email) which frees up time for more strategy, creativity, and content creation. While it requires a lot of work on the front end, once an automation is rolling you’ll reap the benefits of this time-saving tool.

How are they different?

Email Marketing is often viewed as one and done. You send an email message and people either interact or they don’t – and the journey stops there. Marketing Automation on the other hand will keep your audience more engaged because their interact with the content will trigger something new based on their action (or lack of action) with your initial email. They’ll be lead through your content in a more personalized and strategic way.

Our recommendation is to use a healthy mix of both Email Marketing and Marketing Automation. Sometimes, it makes sense to send one email and be done with it, there’s no need for additional triggered content. But, for more complex lead gen, event promotion, or welcome series emails, Marketing Automation will allow you to create the appropriate paths and triggers needed to be successful, personalized, and targeted.

“Marketing Automation allows companies to harness the power of artificial intelligence by using customer data to predictively engage with prospects to grow revenue and drive ROI.”

Features & Benefits of Email Marketing vs. Marketing Automation – The km Platform

Email Marketing

  • Track recipient behavior within your email campaign
  • Relevant content delivered to every unique audience with advanced audience segmentation capabilities
  • Increased audience engagement and interaction with specific and targeted campaigns
  • Strengthen brand awareness with creative and consistently branded email templates
  • Assurance that every message of a campaign hits the recipients’ inbox
  • Heighten prospect perception through immediate engagement
  • Determine effective and ineffective areas within your email marketing campaigns
  • Heat Map provides specific audience engagement reporting of each link within the email

Marketing Automation

  • Built in templates – they visually outline and hold the automation together
  • Take action in real time with easy-to-follow visual audience engagement views
  • Easy ability to copy automations you use the most
  • Visual outline of how each campaign works, flows, and how all triggers come together
  • Validation Testing to ensure your automation campaigns are foolproof. It won’t let you send it out unless it’s right
  • Ability to fine tune your campaigns, make your campaigns smarter and more effective to fit your needs you have total control to switch gears
  • Pause an entire automation with one simple click
  • Cancel one component of an automation without bringing the entire automation to a halt. By canceling one component you can replace it with another to keep the automation rolling – stop what’s not working and accelerate what is!
  • Heat Map provides specific audience engagement reporting of each component

At the end of the day the 2 tools go hand-in-hand – in order to fully utilize the Marketing Automation platform, the Email Marketing tool must be embraced to fuel the triggers. Email Marketing and Marketing Automation are both necessary to have in your toolbox, but not always needed for every campaign – what you use will depend on what your goals are!

Whenever you’re ready to take the plunge or try out a new tool, km will be here to help you with all of your email marketing and marketing automation needs.

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