kmConnect 2017 was a great success! Another year of collaborative thinking, discussing, and networking with our amazing clients in the books. We truly love hosting this event and seeing everyone face-to-face and this year was no different!

Attendee’s traveled from across the country to attend kmConnect 2017. They learned how further use of their company’s data is the most powerful growth tool they possess. They came to see the future of the km platform and the details of what we have in the pipeline. Dan Wallace kicked off the event with his keynote speech on Customer Experience is Your Brand which got everyone ready to learn how to use the energy their data provides to move their business into full swing!

Like mapping data in a database people at kmConnect, well… connect! The name implies it but people are what make it happen. Hearing how everyone uses the platform in different ways, bouncing ideas back and forth, and networking are some of the best and most important parts of kmConnect. We also love to connect with and hear feedback from our users to collaboratively build a better product for everyone.

A.I. and machine learning are coming, but kmConnect is about people learning. First, we show you how to use our platform to put the data you already have to work! The Geek Bar was the host to our experts to answer any and all questions that came up. Don’t forget the great sessions put on by km staff and users alike! They are the bread and butter of kmConnect. Sessions this year were incredibly engaging and full of great questions! We also learned a lot from you and your feedback. We listen to you on how to improve and meld our platform so you can use it to improve your business. It’s a collaborative learning experience that goes both ways. We couldn’t make a great product without your input and feedback and kmConnect is the perfect way to hear you!

Like siloed data is better when it comes together, kmConnect is truly a collaborative event. I’ve never seen so much sharing of ideas and tips not only Knowledge Marketing to attendee’s but also from attendee to attendee. Everyone truly wanted to help the industry grow as a whole, not just learn how the km platform can work better for them as an individual business, but how everyone can benefit from the tools it provides.

The Future
Data is the future and you are on the cutting edge! Here at km we strive to bring you the best data platform out there and want it to be a great tool for you to use to grow your business. The feedback and suggestions we get from you at kmConnect drives forward to move the platform in a direction that you want. We’ve heard you and we look forward to continuing to improve what we do for your business.

And of course a huge thanks to all of you for coming out and making this event great once again and to our sponsors: ePublishing, Spark, Magazine Manager, and Infogroup Media Solutions. We’re looking forward to seeing you all again in 2018!