There was a LinkedIn post recently that stated, “What to do with all this data?” For a moment, it seemed like an antiquated post, the thought that a company was not utilizing their data. It was probably a more up-to-date-thinking post that we realize. Many of us collect data, but honestly, how many of us actually use the data to its full potential?

We collect data in real time… and when that capability emerged, it was mind boggling as to the endless possibilities, and it seemed like the answer to most marketing dilemmas. Now we must utilize that data, and give our subscribers what they want, and when they want it. That brings us to marketing at the RIGHT time.

The timing of a message is critical if you want conversions. Knowing a consumer’s behaviors and preferences is essential. Delivering relevant content at the optimal moment is what we should all strive for. Sounds easy, right? Wish we had better news, but honestly, it takes communicating with customers as individuals versus mass appeals, continual planning and refining, and responding to a customer’s actions, along with results measurements to define our successes. Those successes (or failures) result in us honing our processes over, and over again to help eliminate marketing waste.

“Right-time data is the same data, but used at the time when it’s most meaningful to the customer and actionable by the marketer.” Click Z

Right Time Marketing is not just about timing, it is also about customer-centric interactions–think shopping cart abandonment as an example. With Right Time Marketing tactics, a marketer will not just nudge the person that there are still items in the cart, but may suggest an add-on item that the customer might like. Or maybe the appeal comes later with a sense of urgency—“there are only three of these items left in inventory, get them before they disappear!” Imagine how helpful this type of marketing will become when you have access to data from the Internet of Things (IOT), such as knowing what products are low in a consumer’s refrigerator.

There will be various methods you may try with great successes, and perhaps, even great failures, but data-driven marketing will become your foundation to drive conversions and increase revenue.