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A Glimpse Into The Future: 2020 and Beyond

What will publishing look like in 2020? In this blog, you will find out where the leads see the industry going and where they are investing their resources for continued success into 2020.



Ad Blocking: Media’s Downfall or Saving Grace?

Ad Blocking: Media’s Downfall or Saving Grace? In this brief, learn how publishers are responding and adapting to the growing threat of ad blocking.


Today’s Email Marketing Rock Star

Are you an Email Marketing Rock Star? Check out our infographic to find out if you’re doing everything it takes to turn platinum into gold.


The Power of a Unified Audience Database

In this webinar learn how Knowledge Marketing client Scranton Gillette Communications used their UAD to align their newsletter, webinar and event demographics, and behavior and website activity to save thousands in marketing costs.


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Our goal is to share knowledge and expertise with our peers in the publishing industry. Help yourself to as many eBriefs and whitepapers as you would like. Not seeing a topic you are interested in? Always feel free to drop a suggestion.

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Webinars are an excellent educational resource. Whether we’re discussing best practices, new technologies or strategic planning, Knowledge Marketing is always working toward solving problems and staying ahead of the curve.

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We like to have fun at Knowledge Marketing. We hope you enjoy these infographics as much as we did creating them. Have an idea for a future infographic? Feel free to drop a suggestion.

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The featured videos include our client video testimonials, as well as, educational and informative videos on the publishing industry’s latest topics.