The season of thanks has us feeling grateful for our favorite marketing strategies – from programmatic ads to mobile marketing – marketers have more options than ever to reach their audience. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite 2017 marketing trends and stats about each that pack a serious punch. Did the strategy you’re most thankful for make our list?

You’ve heard time and time again that implementing a data strategy will help your business. You’ve heard unifying your data will provide you with new insights. You’ve heard data platforms will increase revenue and streamline internal efficiencies. We could list 10,000 reasons why diving into data is the smart course of action in order to protect the future of your business, but we won’t drown you in thousands of facts and figures – it’ll only take 10.  

We get asked all the time what’s the difference between marketing automation and email marketing? In fact, we get asked this so often that we decided to make a handy dandy comparison chart for you! Learn about the features and benefits of each tool and decide for yourself what method makes the most sense for you and your business.

There are many reasons for businesses to embrace social media as a legitimate marketing avenue. Not every social channel is created equal, but with a little bit of research and testing – you’ll find your audiences’ sweet spot and become a social media engagement master by the next full moon. Check out these hauntingly sweet statistics!


Tap into our mystical gift of foresight and learn about the Five Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2017 and take destiny into your own hands. What is to come may not be fully clear, but what we do see is that the future lies within your data.


This infographic walks through the scary effects disorganized data can have on your business. From non-competitive sales reps to inefficient operations, we’ll give you the frightening facts and the saving solutions to increase your revenue, diversify your business, and increase company valuation.


If your emails are at the top of the charts, and continue to perform time and time again, then you have probably hit the stellar rise to stardom as an email rock star. From setting the stage, to delivering a top performance to managing the social groupies that follow your campaigns, you do everything it takes to turn platinum into gold.


Play Buzzword Bingo with us! Every industry has buzzwords – it’s just the natural order of things. While we know these words and phrases are what make our world go ‘round, we can’t help but poke fun at ourselves for all of the ridiculous things we say on a daily basis and view it as totally normal.


Tens of hundreds of emails come across our desks (and yours) advising the best way to do this or that. But, do you really remember them, or even read them? We didn’t think so. In an attempt to get your attention, we’ve decided to go the opposite route and tell you the best ways to fail in your email marketing efforts.


Modern Audience Development Professionals are never afraid to roll up their sleeves and dig into some audience data. The discovery of gold within their audience database is the ultimate challenge and path to revenue.


Audience data has changed the way the game is played. Because of this, the modern publishing sales rep is now both a bit of a soul-stirrer and a number-crunching geek. Part preacher, part geek? We think so.


Today’s B2B Sales Representatives need to dig deep into their toolbox to find the right tools for each individual client. Known to many as jack-of-all-trades, the B2B Sales Rep uses an assortment of tools to deliver above and beyond the client’s requirements.


As the publishing landscape has evolved, so too has the job of the publishing executive. Executives are expected to lead their organization from behind the wheel and from behind the scenes.


Technology and data continue to change how advertising is bought and sold. These changes are forcing media sellers to take a more consultative approach. To prepare, sellers must align their sales process with the new realities of data and audience driven advertising decisions.


Today’s digital landscape is constantly changing. To be a Digital Marketer in today’s fast-paced environment, you must have the skill set of both a spy and a ringmaster. Do you have what it takes to be a Digital Marketer? Check out our latest infographic to find out!


Are you looking for answers when it comes to the best email marketing methodology tips and tricks? If you look to the internet to find the truth, you might want to reconsider. Often the obvious is right in front us, and all we have to do is look within for the results.

Want to experience a deep and meaningful connection with your data universe? In order for you to unlock the power of your data, you must first become one with your data. The best way to do this is by investing in a dynamic Customer Data Platform (CDP) and learning what energies make up a strong platform.


This infographic includes five very tangible truths related to data that every organization should know in order to create revenue potential, enhance long-term loyalty and transform their business into an enterprise equipped for future success.


By now you’ve heard the buzz that “marketing automation is the future!” more times than you can count. Don’t just dismiss these claims, marketing automation is a hot topic for good reason. Gartner predicts that by 2020 85% of relationships will be managed without talking to a human and you can bet that marketing automation will have a role to play.


Part Data Geek. Part Storyteller. With a dash of curiosity and a pinch of analytical thinking, we find ourselves defining the hottest job of the 21st century. These unicorns living amongst the human race are data scientists, and they have some undeniably impressive skills. So, what makes a great one?


Giving feedback on design can be hard, especially if you don’t have a design background. You have a specific idea of what something should look like, but you can’t quite put it into words. Let’s try and bridge the gap when it comes to communicating with your creative team and talk about the type of feedback that makes your creative cringe.


Data Monetization. Everybody wants to do it, but not everybody knows the steps to get there. We like comparing it to mixing up your favorite cocktail – without following key steps and using the right ingredients you’ll either have an empty glass or a nasty drink. To avoid a barkeep blunder, follow 5 Ingredients That Make a Perfect Data Cocktail to master the mixology of data monetization.


In honor of the highly anticipated season seven premiere of Game of Thrones we present to you: 7 Unified Audience Database Features Needed to Rule the 7 Kingdoms. We know that if those vying for the Iron Throne had the ability to query a database in Westeros, they’d absolutely love to have these dynamic features and reports at their fingertips. 


Many marketers have a love-hate relationship with marketing technology because it pushes them outside of their imaginative cave into the foreign realm of analytics and insights. Marketers want to spend time being creative, not analyzing data. They know it’s necessary to understand because data drives results. Although it is known, it’s not something they want to embrace. See the conundrum here?


There is an obvious value to new leads, but you can’t forget about the data you already have. Your existing database is a gold mine, but if you don’t have a strategy to keep it clean, you’re going to cause some serious damage and miss out on big opportunities. Check out The 6 Pitfalls of Dirty Data and learn how you could be sabotaging your business and preventing growth.

Before you can have a great data management strategy you always have to have a vision for the future. What do you see when you look into the Beast’s magic mirror? Be our guest and take the Is Your Data the Beauty or the Beast? quiz to find out if your data story ends with a happily ever after or a lifetime of data doom.

Email marketing is still a powerful and proven marketing method and one that you should never underestimate. We’ve pulled together some strange, surprising, and compelling statistics to show you exactly why email should remain a core component of your strategic plan. Just like Eleven in Stranger Things, these email marketing statistics may be weird, but they’re super useful.