Looking for some quick and effective tips for creating successful email marketing campaigns? This is the sheet for you! Follow these eight effective steps and you will be sending timely, targeted, relevant emails to your subscribers in no time.


While very simple to state, the actual functional requirements, data processing needs and strategic support required by Publishers when looking for a Data Management Platform (DMP) partner are very hard to accomplish. This list of questions was created to help you simplify the process of choosing the right DMP.


Have you identified the intended purpose of your media kit and does the media kit accurately reflect that? Is it to educate or nurture prospects? Is it to generate meetings or direct transactions? Check out our tip sheet that consists of 12 questions you should consider before updating your media kit.


It’s easy to get wrapped-up in everything that goes into coordinating and executing events. The problem is, you become blinded by your planning efforts and in return your events become stale. As a result of this, your attendance starts to drop and people lose interest. These 10 event marketing strategies will help keep your events unique and differentiate you from your competitors.


An over-reliance on single instance events like ads, email blasts, webinars and trade shows has made most publishers irrelevant beyond ad sales. The challenge publishers face is becoming relevant beyond the ad. Check out our tip sheet to learn 6 Ways to Become Relevant Beyond An Ad.


What exactly is marketing services? How is this program different from other marketing initiatives? Go back to the basics and learn how marketing services can be a compelling program for your advertisers. Marketing services provide an opportunity for publishers to diversify revenue and move away from the legacy ad-centric model.


Many have fallen victim to the mindset that print is dead and we should kick it to the curb. Print is NOT dead! Although many believe that print has died as a content medium, the truth is it’s organizations that have not adapted to the changing market are the ones that have been marginalized or replaced. Here are 10 quick tips for print revenue success.


In recent years, advertisers have come to expect a lot from publishers, especially due to the switch to digital media. Our informative tip sheet will ensure that you are fully prepared to meet and exceed the advertiser’s expectations by showing off your expertise in targeted messaging, cross-channel distribution, and more.


Implementing a marketing services program is all about publishers playing their strengths. Let’s face it, publishers naturally possess at least three or four key ingredients that make a marketing services program work: domain expertise, great content, audience databases and a diversity of channels to promote. So how are you going to take advantage of this huge opportunity?