CEO’s Key Role in Driving Big Data Strategies


CEO’s Key Role in Driving Big Data Strategies

Companies across a wide range of industries have an opportunity to use big data and advanced analytics to change how they operate, compete and serve customers. To succeed, CEOs must be personally accountable for driving the shift and working it into the company’s DNA. Only then will big data drive big results.

In this webinar, learn:

  • Why ROI success depends upon you as CEO providing strong, visionary leadership and driving the necessary cultural change needed on big data initiatives.
  • Key actions CEOs must take to harness the power of their big data initiatives.
  • Best practices for developing a strategic plan for how data, analytics, frontline tools, and workforce can come together to create business value.
  • How to inspire a corporate culture that can make transformative leaps inspired by big data.
  • The common mistakes CEOs should avoid in leading data analytics strategy.



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