It’s targeted. It’s behavior based. It’s effective. It’s email marketing. As a seasoned professional, you already know the value of email. But while every email platform has its similarities, only one was developed specifically around your needs. Whether you’re an editor, a marketer, a circulation consultant or a trade show guru, KM has the tools you need to be successful.

Our in-house deliverability team is the heart of our email processes because no matter how creative your emails are, it’s not an effective medium if they don’t get delivered. From dedicated IPs, to email authentication, to blacklist monitoring, to ISP feedback loops, KM delivers so you can deliver to your audience members and advertisers.
We have the reports you need and then some. Many of our advanced reports were designed specifically off of feedback and requests from our clients. Curious to know the ‘right’ amount of emails to send before causing list fatigue? We’ll help you find that sweet spot. If you’re wondering which subscriber is engaged with your communications and which are non-responsive, we’ve got the report for you.
It’s all right here at KM–Email Marketing, Surveys, Digital Editions, and your Data Management Platform. Want to limit the number of emails to send to an individual throughout your various brands or departments? We’ve got the tools for you. We’ll help you find out when subscribers abandon a selection or purchase process, and can even help you track your subscribers’ activities within your website after the email campaign.
Communicating with your subscribers is your task, but ours is to provide you with rich, clean, actionable data. When your subscriber clicks on an email link, the response doesn’t just sit in the email system, it integrates into that subscriber’s profile in the data management platform. We bring your data to life and help you utilize it in ways you’ve only dreamed of.
Our support team genuinely cares about your success. You won’t be directed to a distant offshore call center where tech support is read from a script. You’ll have a digital specialist that you call by name, not by number. At KM, it’s all about building partnerships with our customers, as if we were a member of your internal marketing team. We win when you win.