For marketers, publishers and media companies, being in control of your web content creation is essential. Forms and landing pages are the nuts and bolts behind your digital and online presence and allow you to collect and maximize the data that is the lifeblood to your future digital success.

To make things incredibly easy for the non-IT professional, we made sure you don’t have to deal with any backend HTML or JavaScript to operate our system. Our dedicated digital specialists create personalized, relevant landing pages and forms for any of your marketing needs. We’ll take care of the technology so you can optimize your efficiency, which ultimately makes everyone’s life easier.
We offer a range of forms for collecting basic demographic information. These forms are best used for events, tradeshows, webinars and white papers. For more in-depth data collection, we offer options for customization and ecommerce compatibility. Conditional branching logic intelligently directs the registrant or subscriber to certain sets of questions based on previous answers.
Our Form Builder’s strength lies in its integration with our data management platform. Your data flows into the database in real-time, allowing reports to be pulled and leads to be distributed at any point with ease. Time is of the essence when collecting data for leads; therefore, a form is only as strong as its integration with a database.
Many companies offer fancy features, but do not provide you with the support you truly deserve. Instead of offering a list of features, KM provides you with a named digital specialist to answer any questions, concerns or requests you may have. It’s all about building partnerships with our customers, as if we were a member of your internal marketing team.