Disconnected audience data causes inefficiency, confusion and ineffectiveness. A unified audience database synchronizes all disparate data into a single, unified profile. This unified data becomes the foundation for increased audience engagement and greater profitability.

A unified audience database (UAD) is created by combining various data points from across all channels in which marketers, publishers and agencies distribute content (print, digital, events, websites). The combination of demographic, behavioral and contextual data into a unified database gives you a powerful asset that drives revenue and organizational value.

With access to rich, clean, unified audience data you now have the ability to plan how you segment your audience, be focused in campaign efforts and strategic with resources. Disconnected data causes inefficiency, confusion and ineffectiveness. This is no longer a guessing game to reach your audience, a unified audience database allows you to plan for today, tomorrow and next year.

Your audience is your greatest asset. Yet companies continue to send an onslaught of batch and blast emails. This lack of insight into your own audience is causing higher rates of list fatigue, lost sales, lower audience engagement, and higher operational costs. Audiences today expect highly relevant and personalized content. A unified audience database allows you to deliver the right content at the right time to the right target.

A unified audience database not only provides access to all your data in one location, but it also reveals numerous opportunities to create additional revenue. Monetize your audience data through new and existing product development and enhancement, audience engagement, sales competitiveness, lower operational costs and record cleaning. Our current clients are still discovering new and exciting ways to harness and monetize this technology. Connecting data into one unified database turns big data into big revenue.