We all know the following statement to be true: not having a data management platform and strategy isn’t an option anymore. Understanding your audience data is necessary in order to be able to stay ahead of the game, crush the competition, and give your advertisers the insights they want. This means your data has to be clean, organized, and readily accessible (ideally all in one place!).

On another note, targeted and personalized messaging based on audience members action is just as important. In order to increase audience engagement and sales, you need to be sending the right messages to the right people. The best way to do this? By looking at your data and gaining insights on customer behavior and learning what your audience members are interested in.

Dirty Data = Bad Messaging
Data and digital go hand-in-hand, and at the end of the day marketing automation is a data-drive initiative. It is heavily dependent upon the accuracy and wholeness of your data – if you’re pulling bad data, you’re likely sending bad messages. Things that qualify as bad (or dirty) data: incomplete or inaccurate information, outdated records, and most importantly – data that is disorganized, disconnected, and lacks standardization. Essentially, if your data is a mess you shouldn’t risk sending the wrong messages with marketing automation – this will only lead to a decrease in loyalty and trust from your audience. Think of it this way: if you ask your team, “Can we trust our data management technique to support marketing automation?” and you get a bunch of shifty-eyed looks, chances are you can’t and shouldn’t.

When Combined, Dreams Come True
When it comes to data, it’s obvious that you need to spend some time with it, coming up with a plan and a strategy to use it most wisely. Data is a powerful tool and when harnessed appropriately, can change the game for your business. The best thing you can do is to invest in a good data unification platform. Not only will your data be organized, it’ll be standardized. When your data is unified, you will have access to a holistic view of a customer all in one place – you’ll see basic demographic data, but also behavioral and historical data – data that paints a picture of who your customer is and what they are actually interested in. This will give you a leg up on your competition and most importantly: you’ll send personalized, one-to-one communications powered by good data that will lead to an increase in sales and trust. And ultimately that the goal, right?

The km Platform
We read an article recently that stated that there isn’t a single solution out there for publishers and media professionals to accomplish their data and digital integration goals. They said that you’ll likely have to choose between a data management platform and a marketing automation tool, that both are not within reach. This isn’t true – the km platform does exactly that. It includes a Unified Audience Database and a Marketing Automation tool that fully integrate with each other. And as we mentioned earlier, we advise having a solid data management platform if you are going to be using marketing automation in the first place (we’ve thought this through, so you don’t have to).

This is the ultimate dream for any business: to be able to combine all audience data (demographic, behavioral and contextual) in one place and at the same time be able to create more intelligent messages based on that same data. We have the solution to make that dream a reality.

The Bottom Line
You don’t have to compromise. You can have the best of both worlds. And most importantly, the data & digital dream team is within reach for you.